Sima Winding Technology, formerly known as Nuova Protex and also as Reimotec Winding Technology, is a proud member of the Dietze + Schell Group of Brands since February 2017.

Sima Winding Technology offers a wide range of fully customizable winding machines, to meet various needs, but our main specialization is the manufacturing of take-up winders for parallel winding of monofilaments and cross-winding of raphia and tapes.

Our machines are specifically designed to offer optimized performance in combination with SIMA extrusion lines, but are also suitable for retrofitting and for improving the performance of extrusion lines built by other manufacturers.

Some milestones from our past:

  • 2018 development and implementation of our revolutionary FDS flange detection system
  • 2017 acquisition by the Dietze+Schell Group
  • 2015 development of B2-200 EB-2R high speed winder for monofilaments
  • 2013 acquisition by the Reifenhäuser Group
  • 1998 new office space and expansion of assembly area
  • 1990 first C series winders delivered for 1.000 kg spools
  • 1985 development of new dancer arm technology for low tension management
  • 1985 start of collaboration with Reifenhäuser Group as supplier
  • 1980 first B2 series winder manufactured for monofilament
  • 1977 first large A series winder with 350 positions manufactured for a raphia extrusion line
  • 1977 start of collaboration with SIMA as supplier
  • 1975 founding