The C-1000.ET cross winders by SIMA WINDING TECHNOLOGY are designed for take up of medium to large size fibrillated tapes from extrusion.
These winders are designed for operation in the most difficult working conditions with large quantities of dust and high level of abrasion on yarn contact points.

Facts and advantages

  • for take up winding
  • yarn counts up to 600.000 dtex
  • tension control adjustable by pneumatic compensator arm, set via touchscreen
  • electronic crossing ratio
  • pneumatic mandrels for tubes
  • width of spool up to 1.000 mm
  • diameter of spool up to 1.400 mm
  • weight of spool up to 1.000 kg

Technical details

Winding speed Up to 400 m/min
Maximum mandrel rotation speed 500 1/m
Yarn count Up to 600.000 dtex
Yarn tension range Up to 10.000 cN
Traverse length Up to 1.000 mm
Mandrel diameter From 280 mm
Maximum winding package diameter 1.400 mm
Maximum package weight 1.000 kg
Crossing ratio Electronic

Basic equipment

Stand-alone machines
Dancer control for controlling of constant winding tension and speed
electronic adjustable wind ratio
Heavy duty build


Air conditioning