The industry standard for take up winding of monofilament from extrusion

The B2-200 CS-EB winder by SIMA WINDING TECHNOLOGY is a parallel winder designed for take up of monofilament onto flanged spools.

it is the optimal solution for fine to medium size monofilament, offering the optimal performance at cost-effective pricing.

Facts and advantages

  • take-up parallel winder with manual change over
  • tension control adjustable by dancer arm, set via touchscreen or via manual spring system
  • winding onto DIN type flanged spools
  • gang traverse
  • winding positions installed in up to four levels

Technical details

Winding speed Up to 200 m/min
Maximum mandrel rotation speed 1500 1/m
Yarn size Starting from 0.08 mm diameter
Yarn tension range Starting from 25 cN
Traverse length Up to 250 mm stepless
Maximum package weight 15 kg
Type of traverse Gang type with overall adjustments of stroke
Bobbins K160, K200, K250, K355 (further bobbins are available on request)

Basic equipment

Main controls on central operating terminal
Asynchronous type motors
Dancer control for controlling constant winding tension and speed
Gang traverse driven by central carriage


Air conditioning