for precision parallel rewinding

The “RB2” Precision Rewinders are suitable  for the parallel rewinding onto flanged bobbins of monofilaments, twisted or braided twines and any similar product to obtain packages suitable for the retail market.
All the Rewinders of this series are markedly customized machines, designed time by time to meet the most diversified possible utilizations.
The winding group in principle reflects a “B2” Series parallel Winder with or without dancer arm according to the specific operative conditions and generally equipped with an individual traverse motion device to form packages with perfectly uniform spacing of the winds.
The unwinding or feeding assembly may vary considerably according to the types of material and package: the unwinding can be sideways or from the front, controlled by an adjustable brake or by a pay-off calender.
Also the general layout of the machine can be extremely variable with just a few common features like for instance an electronic metre counter to display the bobbin contents and to stop automatically the machine when the desired length is reached.