for the parallel winding of Mono and Multifilaments

The “B2” Series Precision Take-up Winders are suited to the parallel winding of monofilaments with diameters from 0.06mm. to 4.00mm. and multifilaments from 600 to 6,000 denier.

Their design consists of a central section where the winding heads are located, a steel structure located at the front end of the machine supporting the thread separators and an electrical cabinet with control panel and touch-screen interface for the management of the winding parameters at the rear end.

The possible configurations of the “B2” Series Precision Take-up Winders are countless, from the size and type of bobbins to the number and arrangement of the winding heads.

The “B2” Series Precision Take-up Winders are suitable to wind onto all types of flanged bobbins, cylindrical tubes, biconical tubes and bottle tubes.

Special adapters allow a quick and easy switch from one package type to another.

The winding parameters can be set via the touch-screen electronic interface in real time, in order to constantly produce packages of the highest qualitative standards, even when changing count of material.

When large flanged bobbins are used it is possible to manage the traverse motion of the thread guides so as to be able to avoid excessive pressure build-up on the flanges and consequent bobbin deformation.