for cross-wound cylindrical rolls with electronically adjustable length

In most of cases Precision Cross Winders constantly collect the same type of material and produce the same standard type of roll. Nevertheless certain materials do not have any settled rules or routines in this connection and each time the producer must be able to make up his material in packages of the most  varied sizes, not only regarding diameter but also length, and either onto tubes or coreless.

To efficaciously meet this type of production requirements we have developed the “A 300.E” model expressly designed to wind everything that is outside the usual routine.

In the “A 300.E” Winder all the settings that adjust roll length, traverse speed  - to obtain the correct cross angle - and standing time of the thread guide at the dead points of its stroke are carried out through an electronic processor controlled by a very simple touch screen.

In this way the adjustments are not only immediate and very precise but also storable and recoverable at any given time in order to be reactivated.