for the cross-winding of synthetic tapes, Mono and Multifilaments

The “A200” Series Precision Take-up Winders are suitable for the cross winding of plain tapes up to 5.000 denier count, fibrillated tapes and monofilaments or multifilaments of various types up to 20,000 denier count.

They are made of a variable number of independent heads, which are mounted onto a frame on multiple levels. Each winding head is equipped with an adjustable traverse motion box  complete with scroll cam and pressure roller exerting pressure on the roll in formation.

The thread guides, of self threading design, are made from ceramic coated steel.

The Series “A200” Precision Take-up Winders are suitable for winding rolls or cylindrical packages onto tubes with inside diameters from 30 to 140mm to form packages with diameter up to 400mm (16”) and length up to 300mm (12”).

Shorter lengths than the nominal ones are obtainable by simply replacing the scroll cam in the traverse motion box.

It is possible to arrange the Series “A200” precision Take-up Winders for winding onto non-standard tube sizes.