Our backgroud

Sima Winding Technology is a specialized manufacturer of high performance winders for all types of synthetic fibres with 40 years of experience in the market.
Sima Winding Technology, formerly known as Nuova Protex and also as Reimotec Winding Technology, was purchased by the Dietze + Schell group in February 2017.

Customized solutions for Take-up winders

With a background of over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Take-up Winders for monofilaments, multifilaments, raffia, flat tape, strapping tape and technical material of the most varied types, Sima Winding Technology offers customized solutions, specifically tailored and optimized according to our customers’ requirements.  Our flexibility and capacity to provide personalized solutions are the resources upon which we have built our competitive advantage. Know how, experience, specialization, proactiveness and customer care are our key assets and  have enabled us to develop trust-based relations with clients searching for solutions that are optimal from a technical point of view and definitive as far as durability and reliability are concerned.

Sima Winding Technology holds a long list of references with the main Italian and international producers of synthetic fibres and extruded materials.